What is a Will?

Do you need a Will? A Will is a legal document prepared by a person (the testator) in preparation for their death. It is a probate document that makes it easier to probate an estate. The will does three main tasks. First, it allocates the property of the estate to a beneficiary (recipient of property) or beneficiaries. Who gets what property from the estate. Second, it specifies who is to be in charge of the probate, the person who is known in Arizona as the ‚Äúpersonal representative‚ÄĚ. The personal representative is what is known as a fiduciary, meaning that they have a high duty of care to the estate. Third, it simplifies the appointment of the personal representative by waiving the requirement that the personal representative post a bond. This feature alone potentially saves thousands of dollars to post a bond that would otherwise be required by the Court.

Our office can professionally prepare your will, along with other essential estate planning documents including medical and financial powers of attorney, HIPAA waivers, and final disposition instructions.

Do you want to avoid probate? If so, we can help you. You will still need a Will but we can prepare additional legal documents to avoid probate completely. If you are an Arizona resident, whether you live in Mesa, Tempe, Chandler or elsewhere, feel free to contact our office with your estate planning questions and concerns. Where there is a Will there is a way. We have answers.

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